Varicap Diodes available from JAB Electronic Components

Varicap Diodes

JAB Order Code Case Elements Price Each 10-for
BA182 Single    
BB105 Single 0.70 6.30
BB112 SOD69 Single 5.15 wsl
BB121A Single 1.85 wsl
BB139 Single 1.20 wsl
BB204 T092 Dual 2.00 wsl
BB212 T092 Dual 3.25 wsl
BB405B DO34 Single 1.00 9.00
BB515 SOD123 Single 0.50 poa
BB809 DO34 Single 1.00 8.00
KV1230 Single 1.80  
KV1235 Triple ask for current price  
KV1236 Dual ask for current price stock very low
KV1260 Single 2.90  
MV2110 4.35 39.15
MVAM108 7.20 wsl

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Updated 07.01.11