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G4PMK Simple Spectrum Analyzer RadCom November 1989

Appearing in the November 1989 edition of the RSGB Magazine RadCom, as well as being re-printed in a number of other publications since. A simple spectrum analyzer offering reasonable performance over the range 1-90MHz or so.
It is cheap to build and utilizes almost any oscilloscope and it's display. It has selectable, calibrated, frequency sweep-width ranges, accurate logarithmic signal strength calibration, a dynamic range over 50db and a built in frequency marker generator.

We are now in a position once again to be able to offer pcbs to support this project.  Should you still wish to make your own, for a small fee we can provide the pcb layouts to assist when making your own pcbs. 
This project was the most popular of any of the magazine projects we have supported over the years.
PLEASE NOTE. Whilst we describe these as kits they are really parts sets of components. They  enable you to build the article from the publication specified. We are not in a position to offer any technical support or backup for any of these projects, all we offer is simple way to obtain the correct parts without you shopping around etc. 
Parts set contains the hardware for the panel mounted hardware ie:- All pots, sockets, switches, transformer etc. (PCB itself is not included see below)


Parts set contains the pcb mounted parts to enable you to construct the RF board.  (PCB itself is not included see below)


Parts set contains the pcb mounted parts to enable you to construct the Power Supply board.  (PCB itself is not included see below)
Parts set contains the pcb mounted parts to enable you to construct the sweep & video board.  (PCB itself is not included see below)
Reprint of the original article, any updates we are aware of, Large SAE with 2 in loose stamps
Copy (on Paper) the pcb layouts i.e. track details and component placements etc. 5.00


This pack contains all of the above packs for the whole project (NO PCBs)

The ouc Relay is now an obsolete part, we supply a relay with the same pin out, the only difference is that the new relay is 0.1" longer and requires to be mounted slightly off the pcb (as it was originally designed) or a slight mod if changing the layout. (Our layouts DO NOT take this change into account (It is not a major issue). We are also able to supply parts on an individual basis if required. Please ask. 
Happy Constructing. 

PCBs are not included with above and must be ordered as a separate item.
These boards are screen printed, etch resist, thp, organic pads (Lead Free)
With Kit PCBs Only
PCB For making PSU & Marker Gen     Code PC-PM01A 5.50 5.80
PCB For making The RF Board              Code PC-PM01B   (See note on OUC Relay) 12 14
PCB For making Sweep & Video            Code PC-PM01C 5.50 5.80
PCBs        Set of 3 PCBs:-                        Code PC-KR01     (See note on OUC Relay) 18.50 19.40

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EP2 Epiphyte Transceiver by Derry Spittle VE7QK

Featured in RadCom in July 1997. The story by G3RJV of Epiphyte Transceivers to the Third World. Now you can build the Epiphyte 2 (EP2) Designed by Derry Spittle VE7QK. The Epiphyte is a remarkable little transceiver which has introduced many QRP operators to the pleasure of building their own SSB equipment.

PLEASE NOTE. This design is limited in stock due to obsolescence of certain parts, this may cause a problem for future maintenance/repairs of the equipment. No technical support is available for this project from JAB. This is because we supply parts sets to enable building of magazine projects a little bit easier, we do not have the necessary technical workshop or engineers to assist in construction. 
Please also note the EP2 design was later re-designed and published in Sprat as EP3.  These kits were originally supplied to the G-QRP club for its members, with only a limited issue of PCBs. We understand these PCBs are no longer available. Parts sets without PCBs could be made available, but again the parts obselesense problem still exists. Should you require parts only kits (i.e. without PCB) for EP3 please enquire via e-mail
JAB Order Code Pack includes:- Price Each
KS-EP2P Parts Set to populate PCB EP2 67.00 All Sold
KS-EP2H Parts set of Panel Hardware EP2 16.30 wsl
KS-EPF Parts Set for Low Pass Filter EP2 2.80 wsl
PC-EP2 PCB & Manual EP2 (not available as a separate item) 13.80 All Sold

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CTCSS Project from Ham Radio Today

Featured in HRT in. This parts pack contains all the board mounted parts for the ctcss project & power supply. 

PLEASE NOTE. This design is now sup[plied with stripboard for the build, as in fact was the original article. The PCBs we had at one time are now all sold. 
KH-0998     Parts set for ctcss project & pcb



Novice Intermediate VFO Parts Kit

Parts for  the Novice teaching course 

PLEASE NOTE. This set of parts contains all the electronic components for construction of the above project. (No instructions Supplied) See novice guides (R.S.G.B)
KD-N04 Novice Intermediate VFO Parts set


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